Leisure and recreation experiences at Desert Rose Camp


The main banquet hall (majlis) is the peak of elegance appropriate to the meetings, conferences and special events such as wedding and social events. The hall is distinguished by its beautiful wooden floors and side glass open on the hills of gorgeous sand dunes.

Some of the activities available in the Desert Rose camp are drawings and engraving of al-Hanna by specialists reflecting the true beauty of the natural Omani Hanna in the most beautiful forms and patterns.

Leisure and recreation experiences at Desert Rose Camp

The camp provides the best holiday experiences in the Sultanate of Oman through many options of fun activities and entertainment programs during the stay such as enjoying a camel ride in sand dunes, desert biking, soft sand skiing, a hobby of an SUV race or lying down and relaxing close to the swimming pool with special care of Omani hospitality and originality.

Further, after dinner, a combo of Omani folklore is presented to enjoy the authentic Omani arts familiar in the region. It is considered as one of the most important night programs in the camp.

We have developed a camp that flaunts the real splendor and luxury and provides a flock of leisure options to cater all needs of our distinguished guests.

Safari trip program

The four-wheel drive safari comes to the place where you are in the hotel as you like, then the cars go to the assemble point in the desert and from there the safari adventures start through the desert starts to enjoy the adventurous driving through the dunes heights and go to the zenith of the dunes. The car will stop there and everyone can click their coveted commemorative pictures and enjoy the view of soft golden sands.

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