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About camp :

The Desert Rose Camp is located in the deep hearts of the charming desert of Bidya, with its fine sand dunes and stunning desert scenery. The Desert Rose Camp highlights the legacy of Bedouin architectural civilization and gives a true sense of desert adventure.

The sand dunes, desert trees, wildlife and natural life with the presence of camels, deer and arabian oryx are the most spectacular eye-catching attractions in the dunes of Bidya. The camp also features a variety of authentic Omani garments, generous hospitality and Omani-Arab originality. The swimming pool in the Desert and Rose camp, the sun bath arena, all rooms and chalets are newly added to cater a variety of enjoyment and recreation through daily desert activities as part of your stay.

Fabulous Weather and Placid Bedouin Life 

This camp is located in the sand dunes surrounding to Bidya in Al Sharqiya Sands. It features a swimming pool overlooking to the golden sands of the camp.

Desert Rose Camp is designed in a traditional Arabian Bedouin style, there is spacious green courtyard surrounded by sands with pathways leading to the elegantly furnished guest rooms and luxurious chalets specially designed in traditional Arabian Bedouin style. 

The guests in the camp can explore the vast surrounding desert by driving a 4Wheel, or in bicycles or camel ride. Other activities at the resort include sand mounting, camel ride, as well as enjoying the sunrise and sunset from the top of the sandy hills. Young guests can also enjoy watching wild animals, camel ride and bicycles specially designated for them and entertainment in kids’ pool.

Desert Rose Camp houses AL DIWAAN Restaurant, a fine restaurant serving a buffet of traditional Omani cuisine, various grills for dinner and as well as breakfast buffet of palatable variety. The restaurant provides open-air sitting foyer and a unique Omani-Arabian experience of taste while enjoying a romantic ambience in thin lights of candles and watching the twinkle stars. The reservation is open for private dining areas in sands under moonlight and stars to enjoy the eye catching atmosphere of the vast desert, as well as there is a variety selection of sweets and fruits in morning, afternoon along with afternoon tea to cater the taste of our value customers.

Desert Rose Camp is located 12 km away from Al-Muntarab village, the center of Bidiya wilayat, towards Shajja Al Yarisa. The road to the camp is distinguished by the true beauty of golden sands across the road.

This Desert Rose Camp is ranked amoung Sultanate’s luxury camps, as guests here get more benefits for the charge they pay.

To have more relaxing experience, guests can head to the SAND DUNE SPA, where they can relax in the sand or bury in the hot sand in an area specially designed for that purpose, as well as a hot bath pool thereafter.

There are many activities for guests staying at the camp, where the guest can go early morning for sand walking or drive in the dunes or meditate in the sky to watch the stars, sand skiing or camel rides, or other desert activities.


Desert Rose Camp

The Desert Rose Camp is located at Al Sharqiyah sands in Bidya wilayat, which is one of the largest sand deserts in Oman, providing a haven for tourists looking for fun, relaxation, tranquility and a love of adventure in the desert. The guests can enjoy unparalleled luxury and relaxation in the serene environment of the desert which is a special feature of that area, apart from the camel riding, expedition to sand dunes absorbing the sunlight and radiating to endless horizon, there is facility for swimming in a large pool overlooking the golden sand dunes.

Desert Rose Camp provides to its guests an exciting hotel experience along with the facilities of entertainment to cater all tastes, so as to be a haven for luxury aspirants, including a cluster of ancient customs and traditions. Thus, every guest can savor Omani and Arabic delicacies.

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